Legal Shield is a short term insurance product. For an affordable premium, you and your family are covered against legal fees relating to criminal, civil, labour matrimonial and administrative matters for up to N$300,000 per claim. A single policy option is also available and covers a single person for up to N$150,000 per claim.  With the Legal Shield Next Generation policy, you can have additional options linked to your policy.

Who is covered?

You, your spouse or partner in a recognised union and a maximum of five (5) dependent children under the age of 21 who form part of the household. In the event that a dependent child studies at a recognised educational institution, they a covered until they reach the age of 25.

What benefits do I receive?

Legal fees are covered up to N$300,000 and N$ 150,000 per case respectively, for the following matters:

  • Criminal Matters: We provide assistance for bail applications and criminal trials
  • Civil Matters: This includes civil matters by or against you in both the High Court and Magistrates Court.
  • Labour Proceedings: Not only does the benefit include all proceedings in terms of the Labour Act, which is conciliation and arbitration at the Labour Commissioner, appeal to the Labour Court but also assistance and representation at salary/wage negotiations, discrimination/victimisation, internal hearings and unfair labour practices. Members of the NDF and Namibian Police Service can only be represented by Legal Practitioners and we will appoint these practitioners to assist.
  • Administrative Proceedings
  • Conveyancing of residential property – Family policy only
  • Administration of deceased estates
  • Hospital cover – Pays out if you’re hospitalised for 7 days or longer.
  • Income protection – Insures you and your spouse against the loss of salary income due to illness.
  • Dread disease – Provides cover for any of the following: Heart attack, stroke, cancer, paraplegia, kidney failure, total blindness, organ transplant and motor neuron disease.
  • Funeral – This benefit is paid to a nominated beneficiary or estate to assist with expenses related to your funeral.
  • Savings – Ask us how you can have a savings account linked to your Legal Shield policy.

For more information, contact your nearest branch or our call centre at 061 275-4111.

What happens after I have submitted a claim?

If the services of a Legal Practitioner or a Labour Consultant is required, Legal Shield will appoint them to assist you and Legal Shield will pay their fees.

Additional free funeral benefit

If you keep your policy fully paid up, in the event of the death of you or your spouse/partner, the Insurer will pay a Free Funeral benefit to the beneficiary that you nominate. This benefit is equal to 100 times your monthly premium. I.e. if your monthly premium is N$ 250 per month, the Free Funeral benefit will be N$ 25,000.


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